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The Power of Showing Up

Hello Beautiful,

Remember when your heart was broken and you felt so alone? Remember how good it felt when someone validated your pain and chose to join you in the healing process instead of leaving you to handle it on your own? What a relief, right?

Today, take a moment and notice a sister’s struggle. Maybe she’s going through a divorce. Maybe her finances are unstable. Perhaps, she’s awaiting test results or surgery. Maybe, she just needs a friend. 

Whatever her need, would you be willing to meet her in that space? Would you be the voice of hope, comfort, strength and courage? Did I hear you say, “YES!”?

Our greatest fear should not be of failing,

but of succeeding at things that don’t matter.

Stefan Youngblood

What if...?


 You were totally free from past mistakes and hurts and had the time, talent and treasure to do whatever your heart desired, what would you be doing today?

Why Not ...

Start today?

We use the past as

“Context,” not “Concrete.”

Andy Andrews

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