“I valued the shared experiences and exercises. The contributions, support and life experiences of each participant and the life coach helped navigate a path forward. The invaluable safe and supportive environment help with the restorative process for those in challenging relationships, separation or divorce.” 

Separated, Single Again & Soaring Coaching Group Participant, Lori Pleasure

About Group Coaching

In group coaching a small group of 8-10 women come together around a theme like identity in Christ, overcoming divorce,  or struggles with forgiveness. While the women share some common experience around the theme, each woman comes to the group with her own unique challenges and goals. Group coaching provides a safe place for you to rediscover YOU and to pursue YOUR dreams with the added benefit of learning and receiving support from each other.

Each themed session will include activities, tools and customized action steps to help you reach your goals. For your safety and convenience all groups are conducted virtually.

Unless otherwise noted, all groups consist of eight 90-minute weekly sessions. See the group coaching fee and payment schedule below. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are gladly accepted. Dates, times and fees are subject to change.

Group Coaching Payment Plans   

  • 1 Payment: $350 ($300 for Existing Nu Yu Clients) 
  • 2 Payments: $180 deposit plus 1 additional payment of $180 paid prior to week 4

Upcoming Coaching Groups

Pursued & Passionately Loved

When was the last time you felt adored, cherished, sought after, accepted, understood, safe, and intimately loved? Join this 10-week transformational coaching group to meet or rediscover the Lover of your soul, who you really are in Christ and the abundant, productive and joy-filled life  you were created to live. Come as you are, but leave feeling more deeply loved than ever before.

Dream to Destiny

Life is okay, but you know deep in the crevices of your heart that you were created for much more. You question whether you heard God correctly. Could this bold dream really be His will for your life? How will you handle the naysayers and your own doubts? Who will support your pursuit of such a big dream? Your joy and radical success are outside your comfort zone. If you feel called to a touch more lives, use your gifts to broaden your influence and deepen your impact, this 8-week coaching group is for you. Learn how to trust God and what He has placed in you to lead you out of familiarity to your destiny. 


Forgiveness to Freedom

At some point in our lives we all experience profound hurt, pain or disappointment. When we have been offended, it may be extremely difficult to even consider offering forgiveness to those who hurt us so deeply. Sometimes, we are the cause of others’ pain. When we are the offender, we often long for forgiveness but the feeling of unworthiness leaves us feeling guilty, ashamed and empty. Whether you are the offended, the offender or both, unforgiveness is a cold cell that locks us away from the joy, peace and freedom that Christ offers. The good news is that the cell is locked from the inside. Join the Forgiveness to Freedom coaching group to receive the keys to put the past behind you and lasting freedom before you.  Scroll down to schedule a Discovery Call and register.

True & Free

Have you ever been deceived about a relationship, the value of something you really treasured, something about yourself or even about God? In genuine disbelief have you ever asked yourself, “How in the world did I get here?” Well, just like our sister, Eve, it all started with a lie. In this 8-week coaching group, you will identify the lies that have you bound and the truth that will usher you into the wisdom, peace and freedom that Christ offers. Join or refer a friend expecting God to expose the lies, reveal the truth and set you free. To register, scroll down to schedule a Discovery Call.

Single Again & Soaring

This group coaching program was designed to encourage and empower divorced women to live beyond today’s reality to what’s possible. Each  themed session will include activities and tools to help you take better care of yourself, rediscover your purpose, own your emotions, build and protect healthy boundaries, parent like a pro, master your finances and more. Get ready to soar! Scroll down to schedule a Discovery Call.

Organized Freedom

If you’re sick and tired of clutter occupying the prime real estate in your home and disorganization hindering you from reaching your goals, this coaching group is for you. You will learn your personal organizing style and proven strategies to effectively, efficiently and permanently manage your home, paper and calendar. Your goals and those you are called to serve are waiting. Let’s do this!


Choose Your Change

If you’re like most people, the Coronavirus pandemic turned your world upside down requiring radical  changes in your work, family and daily living. How did you respond to the changes? How will you respond to the next unforeseen change? You know it’s coming, right? In this coaching group you will learn how to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating and preparing for change, then choosing the most beneficial response to it.


Fear Is Not the Boss of Me

What would you be doing right now if you were not afraid and your success was guaranteed? Would you start a business, go back to school, fight for your relationship or write that book? If you are ready to push past the fear and fulfill the longings of your heart, this coaching group is for you. Why keep your dream waiting any longer?


Purpose & Progress Over Perfection

We all know that no one is perfect. Yet, perfectionism causes many of us to question our ideas, abilities and even our self-worth. This coaching group will help you reframe your thinking so that you can focus on your purpose and celebrate your progress on the way to your destination.  


Real Rest for Busy Women

If you can complete the next sentence, this coaching group is for you. “As soon as I get this off my plate, I’m going to …” But, before you can finish, another task finds its way to your plate. You’re exhausted, frustrated and empty. The struggle is real. Come learn how create margin and give yourself life-giving rest for your mind, body and soul so that you can focus on what matters to you most.



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