“A goal is not about what you accomplish,

It’s about what you become.”

Michael Hyatt

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What is life coaching?

Life Coaching is a process through which you and I work together to move you forward from where you are to where you want to be. It’s not about healing inner wounds or focusing on the past. It’s about building a vision, growing, and moving toward your amazing future. It’s a powerful investment in you! 

What happens during coaching?

Over three 45-min coaching sessions per month or a 1-hour maintenance session, I’ll partner with you to help you maximize your personal and professional potential. Lasting growth then occurs in the time between sessions as you delve into specific exercises designed to help you discover new perspectives, gain clarity, set goals and overcome obstacles.

To learn more about the life coaching process and to hear one of my live coaching sessions, click here. 

Individual Coaching

In one-on-one coaching we’ll work together in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to focus on what matters to you most. I’ll provide you with the support, tools and accountability you need to clarify your vision, set goals, establish strong boundaries, increase your learning and fulfill your dreams.

In each coaching session you’ll set the goal and direction for the session. Then, with active listening and powerful questions, I’ll help you increase your awareness on the topic at hand. We’ll close each session with action steps to move your goals forward. For safety purposes all coaching sessions are conducted virtually.

Click here for more information on individual Nu Yu Life Coaching services. To learn about the coaching process and to hear one of my live coaching sessions, click here..

Group Coaching

In group coaching a small group of 8-10 women come together around a theme like overcoming perfectionism or overwhelm. While the women share some common experience around the theme, each woman comes to the group with her own unique challenges and goals. Group Coaching provides a safe place for you to rediscover YOU and to pursue YOUR dreams with the added benefit of learning  from each other.

Each 60-90-minute themed session will include activities, tools and customized action steps to help you reach your goals. For safety purposes all groups are conducted virtually. 

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